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Livorno reports robust volume growth in the first half of 2015 In the first half of 2015, the port of Livorno managed to outshine all of its rivals in Italy after witnessing double-digit growth in its total cargo troughput, which has amounted to 16m tonnes (up 16% from 2014).
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Livorno is riding the crest of a wave with a massive expansion project
An ambitious port expansion project in the heart of Italy is set to shake up the Region and put pressure on port competitors. It’s the Europa Platform, the new container infrastructure that will be built to improve capacity and productivity. The Europa Platform is a much more modest proposal: it is justified, because it is needed. Trade growth is the proof of this need, and time is running out
The port of Livorno tests a new wind sensor
The principle is known as LIDAR and is a wind sensor unlike any other: it gives direct information of the wind speed component along heights from 40 m to 200 m. Livorno has been the first port in Italy to test this new technology.

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